Villains painted

Posted: 24 May 2015 in Uncategorized

As the weather starts getting colder and i have more time for modelling I thought I would post some updates. Here are some of my painted Villains for Pulp City.


Coven painted

Posted: 24 May 2015 in Painting Projects, Pulp City

Here are some of my painted Coven models for Pulp City. Not sure i like the added horns on the powerhouse. I see in the art work he has some ravens sitting on his shoulders. I will see if I have any in my bits box. Also the reason I think L.O.A is so static is because he can be used as the source of another Covens actions. ?

Here are some of my Grimms painted up. I still have a few more to do but happy that I have enough for a small 8 point game.

Not used the powerhouse “Tiny” yet but he looks like he will be a good addition to the crew. Nice models and lots of fun to paint.

I will use my proper camera to take some more picture of my other crews soon as my iPad doesn’t seem to be as good.

Here is the table we use (original created for playing Tabans Eden mini skirmish game). Its might not have enough height but seems to be ok.

Felt like a quiet day so I painted my Coven models that I got from the KS. Very nice models apart from the Powerhouse who I just didn’t like. So I added some claws and a head piece . Still looks a bit static but its better. I also made up some the temporary minions for the coven. After the game the other day the leaders seem to use lots of minions as they seem integral to the tactics of the leaders I have.

Pulp City cards

Posted: 30 March 2015 in Modelling, Pulp City

Pulp city dot com has started updating the web site to have the new cards. See here for list of Heroes and Villains. Here is an example of an updated card and what it means

Twilight level 1 infiltrator with mystery alignment, generates 2 AP each turn and no minion points. Mounted on a 30mm base and is from the Coven and The Way faction

AP limit of 3 , 4 Health points , Movement type of blink with stealth , Strength 3 , Defense 4 , Energy 4, Agility 5 and a trump cos its red , mind 3 and spirit 3 . Actions Shadow Fangs, Silencer Gun and Vanish. With Infiltrator and shadow zone powers.

So Shadow Fangs cost 2 AP , it is a Close Combat Action using Agility vs Defense. So roll x D6s and add on Agility to the high value e.g. Rolled a 5 + agility of 5 = 10 vs defender defense say of rolled a 3 + defense of 2 = 5. 10 beats 5 and causes FX damage of 2. Also any 5 or 6’s cause Extra Effects or EFX of extra target 2 (apply damage of FX to a target within 2 inches) and damage 1 to original target. Seems to be a nice way of writing down what happens but still need to learn the syntax of the statement.

One thing I have thought about is the movement range and moving multiple times. This is explained under the Activation heading and it states – Use an exclusive action or a movement action AND use an additional movement action AND/OR use an additional combination action (denoted by an * on the exclusive actions) . Each time you move you get Fatigued and you can only have 2 Fatigues so Twilight can move twice. So for twilight that is 10 inches. Cool.

Here is bit from book just explain it some more

Still lots to do but almost ready for a game or two. They are a bit brighter than photo suggests but I do tend to be quite a dark painter anyway. Very nice to paint and the variety is brilliant. Each model is unique and they require different techniques.

The big powerhouse, Cro Mag is quite an impressive model.  Powerhouses get the EFX on 4+ compared to 5+ for trump stats and 6+ for normal stats. I think Cro Mag has stats are 8 Str 5 Def 1 Energy 3 Agility 1 Mind and 3 Spirit. The CCM action does damage 3 and EFX of damage 1 and knockback 4, Stun. Cool. He also has enchanted headgear that make him immune to mind control. So my advice is to keep out of his way

Pulp City models based

Posted: 27 March 2015 in Modelling, Pulp City

Well some of them are based, enough to have a starter game with my mate. I based up the Coven on some resin bases from Taban and made up a 50mm using a 40mm plus the rim from a 50mm. I based the Villains on some resin secret model bases. They are ok but not as nice as the Taban bases. Still need to base up the Grimms and I think I need to get some more bases. I have lots of them.

So overall the Coven are very nice but the LOA powerhouse I feel is missing something. Sort of reminds of a bad FX from an old Dr Who episode. I think I will get creative and add a few of my own conversion bits and pieces to him. His picture on the card is quite different to the actual model. I don’t think I will change any of the other models apart from mounting twilight without the little statue she came with. 

The Villains are very nice and I love all of the variety. It will be a lot of fun painting these up, especially the powerhouse Cro Mag.  I also really like the “man of gold” and the little mutant Xenobi.

Here is the Soul Golem I got by mistake instead of getting Tiny, the Grimm Powerhouse. I will paint him up for something to do as it is a beautiful model and use him as Tiny.

So ready to base coat for my first game.